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Youth Voice spreads over Europe

Paroles de Jeunes

Yes, the Youth Voice conference has passed and it was a great success. 81 young people from all the 27 Member States of the European Union came to Metz, France on 11 – 16 October 2009 to celebrate together the values of European citizenship and youth participation. They participated in a unique European-wide event which gave them the possibility to express the Youth Voice of young Europeans.

Contrary to many other youth forums, this event brought together young people from diverse backgrounds, with diverse experience. They were not just young people with a university degree, involved in the youth policy and with experience from many international conferences, but real young people with real life stories. All of them appreciated the opportunity to represent the youth of their country and each participant contributed to the success of the project. Already before the conference, participants undertook a research about youth participation reality in their country, filled in survey questionnaire about this, recorded video interviews with other young people to get diverse opinions about the topics and also got into contact with you, politicians and decision-makers from the EU Member States.

During the 5 days in Metz, they participated in a unique participation process. They met with politicians on local, regional, national as well as European level and exchanged their views. They discussed among themselves about the topics of youth policy. And they participated in a Giant Open Space where each of them could propose a topic of concern to him/herself and discuss it with 80 other young Europeans. At the same time, participants had a great chance to discover the cultural diversity of all the 27 EU Member States, make new friends with people all over Europe and feel like real Europeans!

You will soon be able to find all the outcomes of the conference online on our website. You can already check the video interviews and surveys about youth participation in the Member States and newsletters from the project. Soon you will find articles from different session, outcomes of the Giant Open Space and recommendations of young people.


Mister Jerzy Buzek, president of the European Parliament

Jerzy Buzek " ... Your event, which brings together 81 young persons from all the 27 countries in the European union with the aim to discuss European citizenship and youth participation, reflects the concerns of the European Parliament. Our Institution is well known for its commitment to youth and active citizenship and it is therefore with pleasure that I lend its patronaget to your event. ..."   ( read more )

Mister Libor Roucek, Vice-President of the European Parliament

libor rouček "... allow me to express my support for the international project "Youth Voice" and to you, the young people, who are taking action and contribute to the future of the European Union with your ideas and visions ..."   ( read more )

Mister Gianni Pittella, Vice President of the European Parliament

Gianni Pittella "I, Gianni PITTELLA in the capacity of Vice President of the European Parliament, confirm my intention in supporting the values underling the meeting Youth Voice, to be held in Metz."   ( read more )

Madam Nathalie Griesbeck, MEP Moselle France General Councillor of Moselle

Nathalie GRIESBECK "... Enabling youth representatives from all member states to discuss all issues related to active European citizenship, the event "Youth Voice" is an excellent initiative on citizenship participation and mobilization of young people..."   ( read more )

Mister Bertrand Delanoé, Mayor of Paris

Bertrand DELANOË "... To live in the biggest democratic space in peace is a great chance the value of which we have to appreciate. We have to be especially faithful to the European spirit through working without stopping in order to deepen and share as much as possible the movement that since fifty years now brings together and unites European citizens. ..."   ( read more )

Mister Dominique Gros, Mayor of Metz

Dominique GROS "... The Town of Metz is very happy to cooperate with and to participate in the "European Week", organised by the association "Together" from 11 to 16th October 2009 around the topic of citizenship. ... "   ( read more )

Mister President of Lorraine Region

"... Europe is a space of our regular life. Aragon told: "The word was not given to the Man, it was taken by him". So, take the floor on 13th October (and not only)! Use it! But do not forget that the Word does not mean anything if it is not an ancipation of an Action! Have a great activity everyone!..."   ( read more )

Madam Marie-Jo Zimmermann, Member of the Council of Moselle

Marie-Jo ZIMMERMANN "...Your are the future of our countries and, thanks to your event, a great hope for a European collaboration. It is all together that we can, through our commitments to you, build peace and brotherhood. We have the experience and now we want to convey the flame that is still ours. ..."   ( read more )

Mister Paul Helminger, Mayor of Luxembourg

monsieur Helminger " ... The Mayor Mr. Paul Helminger and his Alderman, Mr. Xavier Bettel wish a rich and fruitful week to all the participants of the project «Youth Voice». ...   ( read more )

Madam Chantal Carraro, 1st Vice-President Advisor Municipal Commissioner of Nancy, Vie-President of Grand Nancy

chantal carraro " ... For every effort made to integrate young people into public life of the city there is a further step that is made towards a democracy and it is more alive and more authentic. ..."   ( read more )

Madam Vice-President of the Regional Council of Lorraine

" ...Together is a network that organises the meetings between young Europeans, despite their origins, their social background, their culture. It is through knowing each other, the confrontation of the ideas in mutual respect, and the work organised together that the feeling of belonging to the European Union is born as well as the wish to realise the projects together (TOGETHER). ..."   ( read more )

Madam Angelika Werthmann, MEP Austria

Angelika Werthmann " ... In my view it is of paramount importance that young people come together and discuss political issues in a free atmosphere. Europe needs young people who value democracy and active citizenship -- values that are much needed. ..."   ( read more )

Mister Emil Stoyanov, MEP Bulgaria

Emil Stoyanov " ... As a member of the European Parliament I am eager to hear about the problems you encounter and your vision about their possible solutions. I want to assure you that I am ready to accept any creative idea you may present to the European decision-makers. ..."   ( read more )

Madam Zuzana Roithova, MEP Czech Republic

Zuzana Roithova " ... I will be pleased to accord my patronage to this useful project and I wish the organisers good luck with its preparation. ..."   ( read more )

Mister I.A. Tsoukalas, MEP Greece

I.A. Tsoukalas "... You, the young citizens of Europe, constitute its future and embody our hopes for a European Union that promotes solidarity, social inclusion, cohesion and integration. Your expectations and your dreams compose the best guides for all of us who at this point administer what is yours. ..."   ( read more )

Madam Marian Harkin, MEP Ireland

Marian Harkin "... As a Member of the European Parliament - I am delighted to have the opportunity to support „Youth Voice“ - a European-wide event which will bring together 81 young people from all the 27 countries of the European Union to express the voice of European youth. ..."   ( read more )

Mister Sean Kelly, MEP Ireland

Sean Kelly "... I am delighted to offer my support and patronage to the Youth Voice project. Youth Voice is the voice of the future of Europe. It behoves us all to listen closely to the voice of the youth of Europe. ..."   ( read more )

Madam Rita Borsellino, MEP Italy

Rita Borsellino " ... I am very happy to support the project "Youth Voice" especially because it directly involves young people from different backgrounds and cultures, making them proactive protagonists of the construction and the needs of our Europe. ..."   ( read more )

Madam Sandra Kalniete, MEP Latvia

Sandra Kalniete " ... I am really pleased about this project which will bring together young people from all over Europe. In these days you will participate in a various discussions where you will make proposals for a better future so I wish you to enjoy this time because you will have an oppurtunity to meet people from other countries, get to know other cultures and hear different kind of viewpoints.. ..."   ( read more )

Mister Rolandas Paksas, MEP Lithuania

Rolandas Paksas " ... I admire your efforts to create the future of your countries as well as the future of the whole Europe. I believe that your ideas, your ability to clearly and expressively present them and your projects will, in some years, find their place in laws and legal norms, which will change the everyday life of every person in the country that you represent. ..."   ( read more )

Mister Algirdas Saudargas, MEP Lithuania

Algirdas Saudargas " ... Sincere greetings to the participants of the project „Youth Voice“. This iniciative is very important to democratic society as it brings young people from different parts of Europe to discuss about the future in which the youth will take part. I believe that your debates and solutions will be very useful while making political decisions in your own countries and in the EU Parliamant. ..."   ( read more )

Mister Zigmantas Balčytis, MEP Lithuania

Zigmantas Balčytis " ... I very much welcome the initiatives taken and the integration of active young Lithuanians into the European context. I am convinced that the real integration of peoples and cooperation is not merely a dream, but a reality waiting for us in the future. ..."   ( read more )

Mister Leonidas Donskis, MEP Lithuania

Leonidas Donskis " ... I, Leonidas Donskis, in the capacity of Member of the European Parliament, confirm my support for the Youth Voice Project which will take place in Metz, France, from 11th to 16th of October, 2009. ..."    ( read more )

Mister Justas Paleckis, MEP Lithuania

Justas Paleckis " ... I supprort "Youth Voice" wholeheartedly. European politicians need to hear your opinions, your ideas and thoughts. I hope that meeting in Metz, France, could be a beginning of a long lasting process where voice of European youth is spread among national and European decision makers. ..."    ( read more )

Mister Carlos Coelho, MEP Portugal

Carlos Coelho " ... I will take much delight in suport your participation. I don't know if you will have debates and if you need some information from me. If your need I will have all the pleasure in helping you. ... "   ( read more )

Madam Renate Weber, MEP Romania

Renate Weber " ... I, RENATE WEBER, in the capacity of Member of the European Parliament, confirm my support for The Black Sea University Foundation to be part of the Youth Voice project, which will take place in Metz, France, from 11th to 18th of October, 2009. ..."   ( read more )

Mister Michel Fize, sociologist

Michel FIZE " ... It is important that young people discuss, that they can exchange and that they do it without taking anything for granted, and considering the diversity of the situations as well as aspirations. It was in this spirit that during the autumn of 1997, sitting at the table, I drew for the Ministry of Youth and Sport what is going to happen to the National Council and the Youth Depertamental Councils. ..."   ( read more )