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Statistics on young people

Number of all young people from the ages of 10 to 29 who live in the country : 6 117 440 people

Actors and Structures

Public authorities - National public authorities

Flemish Minister for Culture, Youth, Sports and Brussels Affairs

Youth Division of the Ministry: Department of Culture, Youth, Sport and Media, Socio-Cultural Work for Youth and Adults Agency, Youth Division

The general tasks of the Agency with regard to the Youth Division are further described as follows:

  • accreditation, funding, counselling, inspection and assessment of nationally organised youth work, experiential youth work and other actors;
  • support of commissions on policy implementation which give non-binding advice on the conceptual assessment of individual files;
  • monitoring of local authorities and provincial authorities on local and provincial youth (work) policy:
  • monitoring and assessment of Steunpunt Jeugd (Youth Support Centre);
  • monitoring of private bodies performing public tasks, such as JINT, ADJ, VIP Jeugd; organisation of initiatives in the area of culture dissemination, while focussing on youth;
  • developing and maintaining international contacts in the youth sector; providing a policy-oriented input to youth policy.

Youth councils

De Vlaamse Jeugdraad. (The Flemish Youth Council)

The youth council may give advice on all youth related issues. The members of the Flemish Government seek the advice of the youth council on all youth policy matters that are dealt with by the Flemish Government. In addition, the Vlaamse Jeugdraad may counsel federal authorities and other bodies at its own initiative.

The General Assembly of the youth council is the official body that brings the expectations of young people to the attention of the authorities. The General Assembly consists of at least 16 and at most 24 members, of whom at least one third are younger than 25 at the start of their mandate and at most two thirds are of the same gender. At least half and at most 60 per cent of the members are selected from candidates proposed by accredited nationally organised youth associations. Moreover, the youth council may co-opt members. In this way, experts or actors from various other sectors (education, welfare, health care,…) can be involved.

National Programmes on youth

Conversing, joining in, playing along. The Youth Policy Plan of the Flemish Government for 2006-2009

Under the Flemish Parliament Act on Flemish Youth Policy, a Flemish Youth Policy Plan had to be submitted to the Flemish Parliament by late 2005. This plan sets out the integrated youth policy of the Flemish government until 2009 and gives particular attention to youth work policy. It states the objectives of the Flemish government in all areas of competence and determines the outcome indicators within an overall vision of youth and youth policy. On 16 December 2005, the Flemish government adopted the second Flemish Youth Policy Plan. Afterwards, it submitted the plan to the Flemish Parliament.