For Participants - Preparation

Paroles de Jeunes

Youth Voice is a very ambitious project which will bring together 81 young people from all 27 countries of the European Union to make their voice be heard. You have a great opportunity and at the same time a big mission to represent European youth at this event and express your opinion. To help the project succeed, preparation of the participants is very important. We kindly ask all the participants to prepare thoroughly for the event and fulfil the tasks specified below.

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Tips for contact with decision-makers

Many of you were already successful in contacting the politicians from your country, especially the Members of the European Parliament. It is very important to receive patronage from at least one European deputy in each country so that we make the project visible and the opinions of young people can be heard. Those who already sent the letters of patronage by e-mail should also call to the European deputies. You can for sure find telephone number directly for the deputy or for his cabinet or assistant. Personal contact through phone is always more efficient and you can better explain the project, so don’t be afraid to call them and ask them for support.

You can also tell them that patronages to the project have been given already by many important persons so they can see the project is recognised. All the patronages are visible online on our website, so use this as a help.

Many politicians also ask how exactly they can help the project. Here are several tips that you can offer them

1) Support letter - They can write a letter of support for the project where they officially give the patronage to the project, support it and greet the participants of the project, preferably in English. If they send this letter, forward it to us and we will put it on the website of the project.
2) Meeting with your national group – It could be nice also to organise a short meeting of the European deputy with you as the delegates from your national group after you come back from the conference in France. You can give the politicians the conclusion of the discussion in France and tell them how the project went and what the results are. You can take a few photos and send us, so that we can put it on our website and also the politicians can use them. Like this, you will be able to spread the voice and also establish interesting contacts.
3) Sending the conclusions of the forum – For sure we can send the conclusions of the project and further information to the European deputies by e-mail so that they are informed about it.

So don’t be afraid to come into closer contact with the politicians, ask them for support and explain them the concept. That is real youth participation!

Make it visible!

Our project can succeed only when the Youth Voice can really be heard. For that we, young people from all 27 EU countries, must make the project and its conclusions visible.

Inform the decision-makers in your country about the project! Inform them that there are young Europeans who want to participate, who want to express their point of view, who want to give their hand to make the world better! Please download the letter of patronage, translate it into your language and send it to the Members of the European Parliament from your country, your Youth Minister or even Prime Minister or President.


Like this, you can get into contact with the most influential people in your country and promote the youth participation. Use this chance!

If you receive a patronage, please inform us as soon as possible on and send us the answer of your decision-makers (scanned or in e-mail).

Collect information!

Please download the questionnaire about youth participation. The questionnaire is supposed to be filled by your national delegation as a group. To answer the questions, you will have to undertake a small research, collect a few information about the situation of youth participation in your country and fill in the information into the questionnaire.

Please send the filled-in questionnaire until 15 September 2009 to


Interview other young people!

Paroles de Jeunes

Ask other young people in your surroundings about their opinion on the youth participation and European youth policy and record a video interview with them.

Use video camera or just your mobile phone, interview your friends or young people from your city and ask them:

Do you feel that the decision-makers listen to young people? Would you like to be more involved in the life and decision-making of your local community? How can you imagine youth participation in practice?

You can take a simple interview with other young people or use your creativity and record a short movie or video story.

The video should be in English. You can publish it for example on YouTube and send us a link to until 15 September 2009.

Get an insight!

You were selected to represent the young people of your country at this exciting European gathering, it is a big mission. Prepare yourself for the discussions and get an insight into the topics of European citizenship, youth participation and European youth policy.

Read the “What is youth participation?” section of our webpage and read the recently published EU Youth Strategy ( ) to gain a basic orientation into the topic. This will help you a lot to understand the situation and contribute fruitfully to the discussions.