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Survey about youth participation in France

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Statistics on young people

  • 11.000.590 from 15 to 29 years old (Chiffres INSEE enquête 2004, Population des 15 ans et plus en France métropolitaine)
  • 12.018.390 for 11-25 years old (Chiffres INSEE, Population totale au 1° janvier 2007 (France métropolitaine et DOM)

Actors and Structures

Public authorities - National public authorities

Ministry in charge of youth ( ): Department of National Health, Youth and Sports (Ministère de la Santé, de la Jeunesse et des Sports)

The Youth Department deals with the following issues: youth information, young people participation and Youth councils, initiatives and engagement of young people and the « Envie d’agir » program (Will to act), youth camps and recreation centres, educational entertainment and cultural issues, European and International exchange programs

Youth councils

There are in France two structures: The Conseil national de la jeunessse (CNJ = National Council for Youth) and the Comité pour les relations Nationales et internationales des Associations de Jeunesse et d'Education Populaire (CNAJEP = Committee for National and international relations of Youth associations and people education). The CNJ, chaired by the Secretary of State for Youth, Sports and Associations, the national council for Youth (CNJ) is made up of about 180 members from departmental councils for Youth and associative and political structures or trade unions in the country. The CNAJEP is a structure aiming at discussing and talking with public authorities, and is made up of 74 national associations and federations for Youth issues and people education.

National Programmes on youth

Youth and Voluntary Organisations Programm. The programm is broken down into 5 priority actions:

  • Action 1: promoting voluntary organisation
  • Action 2: promoting actions targeted at young pople
  • Action 3: promoting actions geared towards non-formal education (popular education)
  • Action 4: youth protection
  • Action 5: trainig youth workers and voluntary organisation managers

Action plans i.e. official strategies

The missions are carried out throw the following:

  • informing and advising young people
  • promoting youth participation in public life
  • encouraging youth initiative and commitments
  • supporting voluntary organisations active in the field of youth and non-formal organisation
  • supporting extracurricular activities by local authorities
  • seeing to the physical and psychological well-being of minors in holiday centres
  • promoting international and european youth exchanges

(Source: Youth Partnership – Council of Europe, European Commission)