Giant Open Space

Paroles de Jeunes

Open Space Method is an innovative method used at various trainings, seminars and conferences. It gives the possibility to everyone to participate actively, take the lead and propose a topic of discussion. The giant Open Space with the participation of 81 young people from all 27 EU countries and many politicians will be the most exciting part of the Youth Voice conference, so get ready for it!

The Open Space will take place in the Town Hall of Metz with the participation of many decision-makers from the municipality, department and region and European structures as well as people from NGOs and media. It will be a great opportunity to make your voice be hard, to express your opinion and show what young people really want and what are the challenges that they face.

That will be also the topic of the Open Space – “What are the challenges for today’s young people?”. In May 2009, the European Commission published its new EU Youth Strategy for the next 9 years. This strategic document identifies 8 priority fields of action in the field of youth – Education, Employment, Creativity & Entrepreneurship, Participation, Health & Sport, Voluntering, Youth & the World and Social Inclusion. The Open Space should be centred around the strategy and its priorities and participants are expected to give their reaction about it. Therefore, it is very important to get acquainted with the strategy (See Preparation).

Paroles de Jeunes

However, it will be up to you what exactly will be discussed! You will be the ones who will lead the discussions, propose topics and provide your opinion. How to do that?

There will be several rounds of Open Space, each 30 minutes long. For each of these rounds, anyone can propose a topic of a workshop. The same person will introduce the topic, lead the discussion and make a short report from it. There will be more workshops in the same round. The other participants will be able to choose one workshop in a round and stay in it to discuss the topic. In the end of the Open Space, there will be a very short presentation of the outcomes of each workshop.

You can see the chart below to imagine. For example in the first round, you would be able to go to either a workshop about “Young People and ICT” or “Promotion of Health of Young People through Healthy Lifestyle” or “Employability of Young People and Key Competences”. Then, you could again choose between one of the workshops in the second round and so on.

Place 1 Place 2 Place 3 Place 4 Place 5
Round I Young People and ICT Promotion of Health of Young People through Healthy Lifestyle Employability of Young People and Key Competences ... ...
Round II ... ... ... ... ...
Round III ... ... ... ... ...
Round IV ... ... ... ... ...
Round V ... ... ... ... ...

Paroles de Jeunes

Since the Open Space is a giant one involving young people from 27 EU countries as well as many politicians, it needs to be prepared properly. Read the background documents and get to know the EU Youth Strategy, consider challenges you and other young people are facing and think about possible topics of workshops. You can propose anything that is linked to the main topic and that you find relevant. Think about possible topics in advance. They will be discussed in plenary session with the facilitators already before the Open Space to prepare for it. The politicians and decision-makers will also be able to propose their own topics.

You are free to propose anything that you find relevant and that is linked to the EU Youth Strategy and generally the youth policy. The results of these workshops will be published on Internet and some of them even sent to the Member of European Parliament and other important decision-makers.

Rules for the Open Space

  • Keep the time! It is important to start on time and finish on time to keep the schedule of all the workshops!
  • Choose your workshop! You can participate only in one workshop in the same round.
  • Prepare a report! Each workshop should have a reporter who records conclusions of the workshop and later on will present it to the plenary.

Reserve your space!

Do you have an idea about a workshop for the Open Space? Do you want to discuss with young participants of the Youth Voice project your ideas and proposals? Reserve space for your workshop already before the event. The Open Space will take place on Tuesday 13 October afternoon.

Please send us your name, organisation, country, e-mail and topic of your workshop. As the subject of your e-mail, write „Open Space“ and send it please to to

So use this opportunity and show to the decision-makers from all over Europe what is important for you and which challenges you face! You will represent the young people of your country at the event, so accept this important role and make the best out of it!