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Survey about youth participation in Italy

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Statistics on young people

Total number of young people from the ages of 13 and 30: 11.917.600 % (Source: ISTAT, January 2006)

Actors and Structures

Public authorities - National public authorities

The Ministry for Youth Policies and Sport (Pogas)

The Ministry for Youth Policies and Sport (Pogas) was instituted for the first time by Prime Minister Prodi’s government in May 2006. Decree-Law No 181 of 18 May 2006 (published in the Official Gazette No. 114 of 18 May 2006, enacted as Law No. 233 of 17 July 2006) was issued by the Council of Ministers vesting the new ministry mainly with "a) performing central government functions in relation to sport, and b) policy-making and coordination functions regarding youth policies ".

Youth councils

National Youth Agency

National Youth Agency plays a vital role in supporting the beneficiaries of the Youth Programme during the preparation, implementation, evaluation and management of the project. Policy-making and oversight functions over the Agency will be performed jointly by the Ministry for Youth Policies and the Ministry of Social Solidarity. In 2002 the Minister for Education created the National Forum of the Students’ Associations. It aims at favoring the dialogue between the Ministry and the students’ associations, representing needs and formulating proposals, providing advice about initiatives being taken by the Minister, favoring concentration.

National Programmes on youth

The National Youth Policy aims in particular at reaffirming the central position of young people in Italian national growth policies. The timing and the conditions for achieving these objectives are very closely linked, firstly, to the specific local situations to which they refer and to the conditions for achieving the economic development of the areas concerned, and secondly, to the effectiveness of the linkages and synergies which the activities can create between different places and different areas of jurisdiction. In this connection, it is all the more necessary to exploit the value of the youth resources present in the less developed areas where there is a more serious gap between young people and employment opportunities, and where public intervention must narrow the wider gap between the demand and the supply of opportunities and high quality services for young people.

Action plans i.e. official strategies

The National Youth Plan is the instrument that will be used to build up a crosscutting, organic and consistent approach to youth policies. It aims in particular at achieving the following:

  • facilitating access by young people to employment
  • developing and enhancing the skills of young people
  • facilitating access by young people to a home and to credit
  • bridging the digital divide
  • promoting creativity and encouraging the consumption of cultural and 'merit' goods
  • encouraging the representation and participation of young people in public life
  • fostering interfaith and intercultural dialogue
  • combating youth malaise
  • drafting the Annual Youth Report

(Source: Youth Partnership – Council of Europe, European Commission)