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Survey about youth participation in Lithuania

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Statistics on young people

Total number of young people from the ages 13 and 30: 897.783 (Source: Department of Statistics to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, 2008).

Actors and Structures

Public authorities - National public authorities

The Department of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour

Main functions: prepare and implement state youth policy programmes and measures, analyse the condition of the youth and youth organisations in Lithuania, co-ordinate the activities of state and municipal institutions as well as agencies in the field of youth policy, carry out other activities related to youth and youth organisations.

Youth councils

The Council of Lithuanian Youth Organizations (LiJOT)

The Council of Lithuanian Youth Organizations (LiJOT) is a self-dependent, voluntary union of non-governmental youth organizations and regional unions of youth organizations. Main aims: 1. Promote youth initiative, 2. Promote youth mutual understanding and cooperation, 3. Promote activities useful and constructive for the state and society, 4. Represent youth interests for Lithuanian governmental institutions. Activities: 1. Representation of youth interests; 2. Realization of Lithuanian State Youth Policy Concept; 3. Training of youth leaders; 4. Development of international relations; 5. Providing youth with information.

National Programmes on youth

National Program for the Training and Inducement of Youth Entrepreneurship for the years 2008-2012. The purpose: to create consistent, working effectively education system of youth entrepreneurship.

Action plans i.e. official strategies

In the Programme of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania for the years 2006-2008 it is stated to prepare these strategies/programmes:

  • The programme of youth potentiality development – it is being framed.
  • The programme of children and youth public spirit, morality and voluntary activities stimulation – it is being framed.

(Source: Youth Partnership – Council of Europe, European Commission)