Youth participation in Finlad

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Is there a national youth council, representing young people in your country? If yes, please provide the name, number of member organisations and number of young members.

YES - there is an organisation called Allianssi. Organisation was founded in 1992, but it has root in year 1949. Allianssi has 103 member organisations and 26 employees. Number of young members was not available in their internet pages.


Is there a ministry dealing concretely with the youth affairs in your country? If yes, please provide the name of the ministry.

NO - Unfortunately there is no own ministry for youth affairs. Instead of own ministry, there is one department focusing on youth affairs in ministry of education.


Does the government in your country has a specific youth policy/youth strategy?

There is one development program organised by state level and few programs organised by regional or local authorities.


From what age are young people allowed to vote in the elections? If different age for different elections (parliamentary, local, regional, etc.), please specify.

You can vote on age 18 (in all elections)


From what age are young people allowed to be elected in the elections to the representative bodies? If different age for different elections (parliamentary, local, regional, etc.), please specify.

In municipal election – 18 years
In presidential elections – Age is not regulated in law, but candidates must be accepted by their political parties.
In parliamental elections – 18 years


Are there any youth participation initiatives at the local level (in municipalities), e.g. local youth parliaments/youth councils, meetings of young people with decision-makers? Please describe.

Local youth parliaments are common in bigger cities. Smaller towns as well in other rural areas youth parliaments are not obvious entities.


Are there youth participation/decision-making bodies at schools, e.g. school parliaments, student councils, etc.? Please describe.

All the schools has some kind of school parliament except lower grades in elementary school.


Are there are youth parliaments or other youth participation bodies on the national level? Please describe.

Yes here is youth parliament leaded by national level. Still, it is quite new project in Finland.


Is there any kind of education to youth participation/active citizenship included in the school curricula in your country, e.g. civic education? Please describe.

Here is no exact courses included to Schools Curriculas. In high schools you might choose courses where you can have an information in participation or active citizenship, but it´s not still engourage you to do it.


Do media inform about youth issues? Are young people involved in media and their production, e.g. as journalists? Please describe.

I think media is occupied by elder employees. I also think there is no space for youth issues in media (except internet)


Are there youth information centres, official youth websites or other sources of youth information available for young people? Please describe.

Official internetportals and informationcentres are maintained by regional or municipal goverments. We didn´t found any centres or portals organised by national level, except EU portals or other multinational portals.


Are young people in your country informed about the European youth policy and its priorities? What do you think can be done to make young people aware about this? Please describe.

I think they live behind the curtains. Despite the fact that EU is not a new think in Finland, peoples still think it´s far away from their daily lives. That´s why the do not even try to find out.


Authors: Tuomas Männistö, Wafa Ameli, Manar Ameli

The surveys were submitted by the participants of the YouthVoice project from the respective EU Member States. The questionnaires were part of their preparation for the Youth Voice project and each national group had to undertake a small research about youth participation in their country. The organisers cannot guarantee correctness of the answers.