Youth participation in Italy

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Is there a national youth council, representing young people in your country? If yes, please provide the name, number of member organisations and number of young members.



Is there a ministry dealing concretely with the youth affairs in your country? If yes, please provide the name of the ministry.



Does the government in your country has a specific youth policy/youth strategy?



From what age are young people allowed to vote in the elections? If different age for different elections (parliamentary, local, regional, etc.), please specify.

25 to vote fore Senate, 18 to vote for chamber of deputies


From what age are young people allowed to be elected in the elections to the representative bodies? If different age for different elections (parliamentary, local, regional, etc.), please specify.

25 to be elected at chamber of deputies, 40 to be elected at senate


Are there any youth participation initiatives at the local level (in municipalities), e.g. local youth parliaments/youth councils, meetings of young people with decision-makers? Please describe.



Are there youth participation/decision-making bodies at schools, e.g. school parliaments, student councils, etc.? Please describe.

Yes, there are some student councils, both in high school and in university, normally they try to propose something to the decision makers of their contest but, they are not always taken into consideration.


Are there are youth parliaments or other youth participation bodies on the national level? Please describe.



Is there any kind of education to youth participation/active citizenship included in the school curricula in your country, e.g. civic education? Please describe.

We’ve civic education just in the primary school, but the topic is not the active citizenship but for example the behaviour to get in the street (how to cross the street, the meaning of the traffic lights... etc.)


Do media inform about youth issues? Are young people involved in media and their production, e.g. as journalists? Please describe.

Sometimes young people are invited to participate to some tv show bust in the most of the cases just when they are involved in something bad, or just to talk about gossip or music…it is difficult to find some interesting way to involve joung people in medias.


Are there youth information centres, official youth websites or other sources of youth information available for young people? Please describe.

Yes, there are some Youth information centres and there you can get all the info about youth mobility, stages, associations that dials with young people.


Are young people in your country informed about the European youth policy and its priorities? What do you think can be done to make young people aware about this? Please describe.

I think that Is possible to get this information but as it is not so easy you have to be interested in it and motivated to get this info, so what I think should be done is to make this informations more visible, for example giving them like slogan in the spot on line. The most of young people spend a lot of time on line, so why don’t use this way to make them curios?


Authors: Federica Bannetta, Lara Mastrogiovanni, Giuseppe Invidia

The surveys were submitted by the participants of the YouthVoice project from the respective EU Member States. The questionnaires were part of their preparation for the Youth Voice project and each national group had to undertake a small research about youth participation in their country. The organisers cannot guarantee correctness of the answers.