Youth participation in Portugal

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Is there a national youth council, representing young people in your country? If yes, please provide the name, number of member organisations and number of young members.

YES - There is a council for the Youth and Sport directly connect to the Government but it isn’t a Ministry


Is there a ministry dealing concretely with the youth affairs in your country? If yes, please provide the name of the ministry.

NO - due to what I said before.


Does the government in your country has a specific youth policy/youth strategy?

More or less


From what age are young people allowed to vote in the elections? If different age for different elections (parliamentary, local, regional, etc.), please specify.

18 years for all election type


From what age are young people allowed to be elected in the elections to the representative bodies? If different age for different elections (parliamentary, local, regional, etc.), please specify.

For The presidency the minimum age is 35


Are there any youth participation initiatives at the local level (in municipalities), e.g. local youth parliaments/youth councils, meetings of young people with decision-makers? Please describe.

No there are not.


Are there youth participation/decision-making bodies at schools, e.g. school parliaments, student councils, etc.? Please describe.

In the schools there are just the students association but with no power in political terms; in the universities there are power from the representative element of the students but it is very reduced.


Are there are youth parliaments or other youth participation bodies on the national level? Please describe.

No, as far as I know.


Is there any kind of education to youth participation/active citizenship included in the school curricula in your country, e.g. civic education? Please describe.

Yes, since the elementary school. There is a course for the civic education.


Do media inform about youth issues? Are young people involved in media and their production, e.g. as journalists? Please describe.

Young people is involved in journalism as in other professional area.


Are there youth information centres, official youth websites or other sources of youth information available for young people? Please describe.

For example, the page of the Council for the Youth and Sport.


Are young people in your country informed about the European youth policy and its priorities? What do you think can be done to make young people aware about this? Please describe.

It requires first that the young people be more interest in the politics of their own countries in general, and I think after that level, it’s more natural to know what’s going on in the European policy.


Author: Hugo Rodrigues

The surveys were submitted by the participants of the YouthVoice project from the respective EU Member States. The questionnaires were part of their preparation for the Youth Voice project and each national group had to undertake a small research about youth participation in their country. The organisers cannot guarantee correctness of the answers.