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Survey about youth participation in Romania

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Statistics on young people

The population between 13 and 30 years of age in Romania is of 6,075,082 persons, representing 27,6 % of the country’s population.

Actors and Structures

Public authorities - National public authorities

The Ministry of Education, Research and Youth

The main tasks of the Youth Department/National Authority for Youth

  • applies the governmental policy in the youth field, fundaments and draws up studies and researches, analysis and prognosis regarding directly the youth issues, through the institutions subordinated or in co-operation with authorized legal and physical persons;
  • applies the governmental policy in the non-formal education for children and youth;
  • contributes, through stimulation of the performances and the capacities of young people, to the realization of the Government’s reform program and integration in the European Union;
  • co-operates with the structures of and for youth, legally founded;
  • elaborates programs for the financing of own programs;
  • supports the actions of the youth associative structure, actions corresponding to the objectives included in its programs;
  • authorizes and approves the carrying out of the activities within its own bases;
  • establishes contacts, at international level, with similar institutions and bodies;
  • supports the youth associative structures in realizing domestic and international programs;

Youth councils

The Youth Council of Romania

The Youth Council of Romania – YCR is the national youth nongovernmental structure that gathers most of the youth nongovernmental organizations at the national level, the youth nongovernmental organizations internationally affiliated and the county foundations for youth in Romania. The main scope of YCR is to stimulate the participation of young people in the political, social, economic and cultural life of Romania, as well as to support and promote the commune interests of its members to the national and international level. The YCR represents the main nongovernmental partner in connection with the authorities and institutions of the central public administration with competences in the youth policies field.

National Programmes on youth

The programs of the National Authority for Youth in the youth field for 2007, approved by the Law of the State Budget for 2007 no.486/2006 are the following:

  • Program for youth centres
  • Program for sustaining the youth actions
  • Program for social research in the youth field

(Source: Youth Partnership – Council of Europe, European Commission)