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Survey about youth participation in Spain

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Spanish Youth Council

The Spanish Youth Council (Consejo de la Juventud de Espana, CJE) is a platform of youth organisations formally set up by law in1983. Its members are the regional youth councils operating in Spain as well as other national youth organisations. Our main goal is to promote youth participation in the political, social, economic and cultural development of Spain within the global context, as provided by in article 48 of Spain’s Constitution. Currently, there are 76 youth organisations involved in this joint project.

We strive towards achieving a plural platform so that the various ideologies and sensitivities which make up the Spanish youth organisation movement can work together and exchange ideas and experiences. Furthermore, we want to channel all the proposals, vindications or claims made by our member organisations to the Authorities, the social partners and mass media. Ultimately, our work is aimed at finding an answer to the problems, concerns and aspirations of the Spanish youth and improving our quality of life.

Our values are the democratic and plural participation, as a mean to fully implement our citizenship; social commitment; equal opportunities; dialogue; and respect to diversity in its broadest sense.

Participation in the Spanish Youth Council is both a right and a commitment: on the one hand, to participate in the design of policies which directly or indirectly affect youth and on the other hand to provide solutions to youth problems.

Our representative capacity, criticism and vindication work have helped us to become a legitimate stakeholder in the defence of youth’s interests as well as to gradually reach further arenas where youth is no longer a spectator but an active player. Thus our work will go on.


  • To co-operate with the social partnersin order to achieve a global youth policy that effectively covers the problems and concerns among young men and women.
  • To encourage participation,foster the youth association movement and support the consolidation of initiatives targeting non-associated youth.
  • To channel proposals made by young people towards the Authorities and society at large.
  • Raise public awareness on youth-specific problems.
  • To undertake surveys and research leading to enhanced understanding of the real nature of young people and their circumstances.
  • To represent young Spanish men and women within international youth organisations.
  • To provide services and support to youth organisations.
  • To provide the instruments required to respond to the demands from young men and women to enable them to develop their individual and collective goals.

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Spanish Youth Council

Source: Consejo de la Juventud de Espana