The new EU strategy

Paroles de Jeunes

The “Youth Voice” event comes in a very important moment for the European youth policy. In 2009, the European Commission published its proposal for the new EU Youth Strategy for the next 9 years. Young people gathering in Metz, France will have a unique opportunity to express their opinions about challenges they face and how they are reflected in the new youth strategy.

The new EU Youth Strategy answers to the challenges young people face nowadays – globalisation, diversity, social challenges, democratic participation, chmate chase, demographics or migrations. The Strategy is a product of vast consultations with young people, experts and EU Member States.

The Youth Strategy comprises of 8 priority fields of action:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Creativity & Entrepreneurship
  • Participation
  • Health & Sport
  • Voluntering
  • Youth & the World
  • Social Inclusion
Paroles de Jeunes

It is aimed to be a long-term strategy (9 years) with a short-term impact (3 years). The strategy also recognizes youth work as an important part of the strategy which needs to be supported.

The strategy "Youth – Investing and Empowering", which is a follow-up to the renewed social agenda announced by the European Commission in 2008, has the following goals:

  • to create more opportunities for youth in education and employment,
  • to improve access and full participation of all young people in society, and
  • to foster solidarity between youth and society.

The strategy sets many ambitious goals, but outlines also tools for their achievement:

  • Reporting
  • Evidence-based policy making
  • Peer-learning between countries
  • Structured dialogue with young people
  • Mobilisation of programmes and funds
  • Cooperation with other institutions and organisations

You can find the Communication of the European Commission – “Investing and Empowering” at Download also the presentation of the Strategy, prepared by the European Commission.