Together and youth participation

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Together as a pan-European network of youth organisations promotes intensively youth participation within all its activities. Our aim is to give possibilities to young people from all over Europe to participate fully in the life of their societies on local, regional, national and European level and empower young people to be active citizens and contribute to their local community.

Youth participation through Together volunteers

Together is active within the European Voluntary Service (EVS) as a sending, hosting and co-ordinating organisation. Tens of young people spend every year a period of 2-12 months abroad as a volunteers in an NGO. They participate in various voluntary programmes - working with children, disabled people, in cultural, ecological or leisure time projects, in youth information centres or youth NGOs. The EVS projects are financed from the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission which covers all the costs of the volunteers. For that, the volunteers must give their energy, free time and enthusiasm to contribute to the local community in their hosting country. The voluntary service abroad is a very rewarding experience. Our young volunteers discover new cultures and countries, meet new international friends, learn from their new experience and develop their competences. The EVS is a real example of how young people participate in making the life of their local community better.

If you want to become volunteer with Together, check our EVS website. If you want to know more about how EVS works, you can also have a look at a website prepared by 2 young volunteers during their EVS.

International youth exchanges

Paroles de Jeunes

Together organises regularly international youth exchanges which promote participation of young people in different fields and topics. In August 2008, 30 young people took part in a youth exchange “Think global, act local!” in Chambrey, France. During one week programme, they discussed about the global challenges and global problems and how they can participate in solving them. Young people developed many ideas of what they can do in their daily life to be responsible global citizens. We strongly believe that young people can be the power which brings change in the behaviour of the society and thus solve many of the global challenges.

Youth participation in media

Another youth exchange named “Democramedia” made young people discover the world of media and how media influence our society and democracy. Through practical media workshops, they had a chance to try themselves to produce different media products. The aim of this project was to increase youth participation in media and their production.

Together promotes European citizenship

Third example can be youth exchange “Go 4 Europe” organised in Rolbing, France. During this youth exchange, young people participated in a week-long interactive simulation game. They simulated different processes taking place in the European Union and thus learned more about the European institutions, processes and history of European integration. They simulated the enlargement process of the EU, organised a press conference, adopted European legislation, held international negotiations, etc.

Together organises many other youth exchanges on different topics, such as European citizenship, art, urban culture, street sport, inclusion of disadvantaged young people, active citizenship, media, entrepreneurship, etc. If you want to participate in an international youth exchange, contact Together in your country. Contact can be found at

Together supports young people’s participation in democracy

From September 2009, Together is the co-ordinator of a long-term Youth Democracy Project named “Rencontres participatives de la jeunesse européenne”. This project aims to give a chance to 50 young European from different countries to become “participation ambassadors”. They will be trained in participation methodology during 3 peer education meetings, will have a possibility to organize themselves a youth forum and then will be provided with coaching and support for their own local participation projects.

Together also implemented several international training courses and support measures for youth workers about youth participation. Through this, we facilitate the exchange of experience and improving quality of youth participation projects. The Youth Voice project is the most ambitious youth participation project that Together has organised. We believe the project will promote youth participation at the European level and celebrate the European citizenship and the possibilities it brings to young people.

You can find more information about other projects of Together Network at